Alpha Group is the first in East Africa to build and operate a 100hectare Black Tiger prawn Aquaculture farm in Mafia Island off the coat of Tanzania

Reared in open earthen ponds, using crystal clear unpolluted waters in a sustainable way addressing food safety at every stage of production. Brood stock is selected from strong and healthy adults collected from the wild, that are sturdy, and specific pathogen free. Only the best brood stock used for breeding purpose and young ones are nursed in our state-of-the-art hatchery, adopting a complete natural way of production with a policy of nil use of medicines, antibiotics or any other chemicals.  Our hatchery and farm are designed with growing management system that assimilate nature including temperature and feeding scheme. Prawn are reared extensively in the open earthier ponds, with careful continuous surveillance and monitoring. When they attain market size, they are harvested and processed and quick frozen in our own EU approved processing plant within the shortest time of harvest.

Starting with natural selection process, Alpha picks the best dominant characteristics of each breed resulting in high quality hybrid that is sturdy, fast growing and has high survival rate.

After a thorough and extensive audit, Alphakrust Ltd, shrimp farming project in Mafia island, Tanzania has been successfully Certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). This standard advocates for responsible shrimp farming.